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පිලිගන්න නම් චුට්ටක් අමාරු වෙයි යාලුවෙනි,හැබැයි මේක ඇත්ත...මොකද මම මෙහමෙ කියන්නෙ මේ ගැන මගේම සාක්ශි ඇතව්යි..ඒ ටික ඔයගොල්ලන්ට post එකේම හම්බවේවි..කියවලම බලන්න..(මේ ගැන සින්හලෙන් යටින් කියවන්න)My proves are in the post in English :)

I am going to say how to win free awesome prizes like the Pen Drives, Memory Cards,HandsFree,Paypal cash,Amazon vouchers,Power banks,Drones,g2a cards and a lot of other amazing things including the Iphone 7 and the Ipad Air 2.Read this below description and then get registered from the below link.
Not time wastingit takes just 3-4 mins a day.... :)

The site asks you a question once daily and the thing you will have to is just answering according to your choice and you will earn 1 point from it,and they give a free daily point too,the speciality of this is that it is not time wasting!!!(Just 3-5 mins per day) ;).By just only 15 days you will be able to achieve points to gain a 16 gb pen drive.(Now there are many other simple ways to collect points)..
Another way of aquiring points is by inviting your friends(1friends=1 point)and the good thing is that when you invite 30 friends,you will become a gold member and will get a free t shirt and the points you achieve will be doubled,for an example you will gain 2 points instead of 1 from answering the question.You can not order prizes whene ever you want,they restock the prizes twice a month,they just say the date of restocking without the time,if you want,you can buy the time and be fast in ordering,that is based on your fortune. There are many other ways to earn gn.. You will learn them as soon an you become a user ;) .They will soon add many features to collect points..
Now,without waiting for restocks you can order prizes!!!!You can do it by gathering vp points by completing some sort of offers.
For now I have only ordered and received some paypal cash and some amazon gift card vouchers and 3 skullcandy jib earphones....3 prizes are peending to be sent(Gokano T Shirt,Quadcopter mini drone,Bluetooth speaker

You can check an unboxing of mine from the below link if you wish....

So guys,hope you understood,try it out,it is an awesome site!Check you tube for more unboxes of awesome prizes!Or facebook page( So guys be quick,Register now!??If you have a question regarding this,please feel free to ask me,I am sure that I will be able to solve any problem of yours..
Finally I would like to say that I guarantee this site 100% Because I have got many prizes from this.. ;) (Check out my unboxing video and other unboxing videos of other Gokano users)

මම කියන්න කොහොමද නොමිලේ Pen Drive, Memory Card, HandsFree වගේ ගොඩාක් දේවල් FREE ගන්න විදිහ.කරන්න තියෙන්නේ Points එකතු කරන එක විතරයි.මුළින්ම පහළින් තියෙන Link එකට ගිහින් Register වෙන්න.
ඔයා ඒ Site එකට දිනපතා යනකොට නොමිලේම 1Point හම්බවෙනවා.තව අපෙන් දිනපතා ප්‍රශ්න අහනවා.ප්‍රශ්න කිව්වට අපේ කැමැත්ත අහන්නේ.පිළිතුරකට 1Point හම්බෙනවා.මේකෙදි 16GB PenDrive එකක් හෝ 16GB SDCard එකක් ගන්න නම් 30Points ඕන.Headsets,Iphones,Macbook වගේ දෙවල් බොහොමයක් තියෙනව.
තව ඔයාගෙ RefLink එකෙන් වෙන අයව Invite කරලා 1Point හොයන්නත් පුලුවන්.බය වෙන්න එපා.මේකේ prizes වලට ගියාම Not Available හෝ Out of Stock කියලා වැටෙනවා.මේකෙ ඔක්කොම Gifts දාන්නෙ මාසෙකට දෙපාරයි.Gifts දාපුවහම ඒකෙ Dashboard එකේ message එකක් දානවා. ඒක හින්දා Points එකතු කරගෙන එදාට Checkout කරන්න.තව අපි මේ site එකට Ref 30ක් එකතු කලොත් අපිට GOLD Membership එක හම්බෙනවා.ඊට පස්සේ අපි හොයන points දෙගුණ වෙනවා.තව games play කරලත් අපිට points එකතු කරන්න පුලුවන්.gokano එකෙන් දෙන් ඔනෙනම් ඕනෙ වෙලවක prizes claim කරන්න පුලුවන්,ඒ vp points එකතු කිරීමෙන්.සුපිරී try කරලම බලන්න.මෙකේ ඇත්ත තෙරෙවි කරන් ගියම,එ නිසා දෙන්ම register වෙන්න.


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    Hey Ghost360...You are most welcome bro.Hope you will register from the link I have given you..Please tell me if you have questions with this... :) Will be very pleased to help you!

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