Do you know the difference between uninstalling and deleting a software???(New,After an edit) :D

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Hey Guys!
Ever thought about the difference between deleting files or unistalling a program from a pc??
Do you think both are the same??If you are,you are totally wrong... I'll explain you why..
When uninstalling a program or a software from a computer,all of their registry files,config. files and folders like app data will be automatically removed....
But when a program a software is removed by deleting it's containing folder,the OS will still consider that the deleted software is still available installed in the pc,hence,registry files etc... will not be removed..
Which can cause your computer speed to slow down..
So guys,if you aree involving in this mistake,stop it from now,and practice to unistall an unwante program by unistalling it rather than deleting its folder to maintain your pc's life time.. :)
Hope this helped! :)

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Thanks in advance!

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